Valuation services by an auction house in essex

As well as actually holding auctions, an auction house in Essex can also provide valuation services. There are several purposes for which you might want to use a valuation service:

  • For auction purposes
  • Insurance
  • Probate
  • Capital gain
  • Family division
  • House clearance

You can get a single object or a collection valued, or even the entire contents of your Essex home or estate. It goes without saying that a current professional valuation of your property is a necessity, particularly where Fine Art and Antiques are concerned, as the value can increase dramatically over time. We would recommend that you update your valuation every three to five years.

Valuation can be a complex area, so it is important that you use an auction house that has a dedicated valuation department and can offer you high standards of personal service and expertise.

Boningtons Valuation Department in Essex can provide you with a written valuation, as an independent and indisputable record of your belongings and what they are worth, that is recognised by insurance companies. We will present the report in triplicate with the particular item and its value listed, as well as a photographic record of key items. We will also retain a copy in a security file, with names and addresses filed separately, which could proved to be invaluable if your own copy is lost or destroyed.

What Is Involved In An Antique Valuation By An Auction House In Essex?

Auction House in Essex Valuation Service

Determining the worth of antiques and collectables can be a complex process and is not just a matter of looking them up in a price guide. To get an accurate estimate there are several factors that need to be taken into account.

An antique valuation can involve searching for manufacturer’s or designer’s marks, considering the condition of an item, taking into account the rarity and also ensuring it is authentic.

Find out more about how Boningtons auction house in Essex can help you with our Valuation Service, or read more about the process of antique valuation.


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