Selling porcelain pottery at auction

While it is true that online auctions have become wildly popular in recent years, it is not true that live auctions have declined. There are scores of live porcelain pottery auctions held all over the world and it is possible to sell a wide range of items at these auctions effectively and profitably. Of course, there are a few ways the process can be performed in order to boost the odds of success. For those looking to sell porcelain pottery, here are a few common tips to follow that will help you get the most out of the process:

Transportation of porcelain pottery to auction

Transporting the pottery must be done in such a way to avoid damage or degradation.

  • You will not be able to auction off badly damaged porcelain pottery and the potential damage that can occur in transit can be greatly minimised when the items are packed properly.
  • Whether you are driving the inventory to the auction site or shipping it, the porcelain pottery will need to be packed securely and safely.
  • Buffer material will need to be utilised to prevent scratches or cracks.

Consider this a form of insurance against damage befalling your pottery.

Cleaning porcelain pottery for auction

Cleaning the porcelain pottery until it is shiny and spotless is a must prior to auction time. For most people in the auction, the visual image of the pottery is what will prove to be its best selling point. By effectively and thoroughly cleaning the pottery, the visual allure of the items will be boosted significantly. That means the potential to land a higher sale price will be increased.

Value of porcelain pottery for auction

porcelain pottery at auctionAnd speaking of the sale is important that you have a clear idea of what the porcelain pottery items for auction are worth. While you do not want to overprice the item and limit your sale potential, you do not want to under-price it either. Yes, it can be personally rewarding to give people a great deal but you do not want to literally cheat yourself out of the true value of the product. Remember, you want to offer a fair price - one that is fair to both the buyer and the seller.

As for the price, you also need to realise that the auction service will be charging a commission on the sale. That means you need to take such fees into account when selling your inventory. Some people overlook this and end up shorting themselves on the final price. Don't do this to yourself! You want to receive the proper amount that you deserve so always properly estimate all costs associated with the porcelain pottery auction.

Do you have a clear idea as to the average sale price on similar auction items? Gaining such a clear idea will allow you to avoid disappointment at the final sale figure that is reached. So, performing a little research in the matter is both helpful and advised.

Getting the most out of a "real live" porcelain pottery auction is not as tough as some assume. All you need to do is follow a few basic tips. The ones listed herein are not all the tips you can follow, but they do cover a lot of ground.

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