Sellers Terms And Conditions

Sellers Commission:  17.5% of the hammer price + VAT

(Subject to a minimum of £5.00 per lot)


Will be charged at 1% + VAT of hammer price.

Illustrations (Fine Art Sales Only)

Illustrations attract a charge to cover photographic and catalogue production costs, usually between £10-£75.


All normal costs are covered by Boningtons. In certain cases an individual marketing plan will be devised and costed with the client.

Withdrawal Fee

50% of the reserve price or lower estimate, whichever is higher, will be charged.

Unsold Charge

No Charges will be made on lots which do not sell.


May be placed prior to the auction no higher than the lower estimate, subject to this figure being in excess of £50. The Auctioneer may use discretion to accept a bid of up to 10% below the formal reserve unless otherwise instructed.

Carriage Charge

Requirements & costs will be discussed with the client before any carriage is undertaken

Lotting Fee

To enter a lot into the sale will cost £5.00 per lot.

Lots required by

All lots for the Fine Art sales must be consigned 2 calendar months before the sale date. All lots for the Interiors sales must be consigned 6 days before the sale date.

Unsold Lots

Unsold Lots with Reserves will be offered at the following auction without Reserve unless contact has been made with the Saleroom. Unsold Lots without Reserves MUST BE REMOVED WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE SALE IN WHICH LAST OFFERED unless explicit alternative arrangements have been made with the Auctioneers. Lots not collected will be removed to storage at a cost of £15 per item, and will incur a £15 per lot per day fee. If no contact is made in respect to the items within 2 weeks the Auctioneers reserve the right to dispose of the goods and charge the vendor for expenses incurred.

  • Sellers who do not wish their lots to be re-offered at our discretion in the next sale should confirm their instructions in writing indicating collection arrangements within 3 days of the sale.


In these conditions of sale, Boningtons Valuers and Auctioneers act as agents for the vendor and are called Boningtons, or the Auctioneers.

The Auction

The highest bidder shall be the buyer and if during the Auction, the Auctioneer considers that a dispute has arisen, he has absolute discretion to settle it or re-offer the lot.

  • Boningtons disclaims responsibility for default by either the buyer or the vendor because they act as Auctioneers only and therefore do not pay out to the Vendor before receiving payment from the buyer.
  • Boningtons are not liable for any losses/damages to picture frames.
  • Payment - You will be sent a statement along with a cheque, in the normal course of business around 30 working days after the sale. Cheques will be valid for 6 months only from the date on the cheque.
  • Whilst Boningtons make every effort to ensure accuracy in the cataloguing of lots offered for sale, each lot is offered for sale by the vendor with any imperfections or errors of descriptions. Boningtons do not accept responsibility as to the authenticity, date, age, period, provenance, attribution or condition of any lot. All statements either printed in the catalogue or made orally regarding the above are statements of opinion only and are not to be taken as implying any warranties or representations of fact by Boningtons.

When: 10:30 AM

03/23/2016 11:00 AM // 5:30 PM Europe/London
Forest Lodge Commercial Complex, High Road, Epping [email protected] yes //

Saturday 08 Feb 2015 - Sale commences 10:30 AM