Rare and out of print books

Rare and out of print books fall into a book collector's market that can be hard to learn for the beginner. It is easier to detect a rare find, when they are first edition, first printing books. Rare finds are the ones that make collecting antiquarian books or collectable books worthwhile, because they might be so scarce that nobody has heard of them, but be irreplaceable and invaluable. The difference, monetarily, can mean thousands of times in price and some of the most popular antiquarian books that fit in these categories can be considered priceless.

Recognising rare and out of print books

  • How are you to know when the antiquarian or collectable books you have come across are the rare and out of print books that are most sought after?
  • Many of the most avid book collectors specialising in rare and out-of-print books are constantly searching for the best sources for these books.
  • There are many categories of books that are rare, out-of-print or signed and first edition books, but you might overlook them if you are new to collecting.

Much of your expertise will come from experience, and perhaps some trial and error. The more involved you become in antiquarian books events the more you will learn.

The value of rare and out of print books

rare and out of print booksWhether you are looking to buy rare and out of print books or sell them, it is important to understand that collectable books have a market price, just like any other commodity. Of course, there are some titles and categories of antiquarian books that are collected more than others, and these will also fetch more money when they become available on the market.

Many people that are successful and make money by investing in rare and out of print books will have an advisor that is an expert at finding the best investments. However it is possible for book collectors to run across a rare find on their own. And many people are not collecting as an investment but out of a love of antiquarian books. They will often value a book for more than it's monetary value.

Where to find rare and out of print books

Some people have just happened across a rare and out of print book in the attic, or a first edition collectable book in the flea market. You might be lucky enough to recognise the value if this happens to you, but many times the best finds in antiquarian books come from the people that are exposed to them all of the time through many years of experience and knowledge in collectable books. It is possible to find antiquarian books at estate sales and in the used book store but you will need to spend a lot of time getting a feel for these kinds of finds. Auctions are also an excellent place to find such books, and spending time at dedicated book auctions will give you invaluable experience in spotting those rare finds.

If you are interested in collecting antiquarian books, then the best thing to do is get involved. Go to auctions, events and sales and soak up as much information as you can. You'll develop a real appreciation for collectable books, and when you do discover and purchase the rare and out of print books you've been searching for, you will feel a wonderful sense of achievement.

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