Online Antiques Auctions

lots for online auction Online Antique Auctions are a brilliant way for you to buy some unique and exciting items at a bargain price. Part of the thrill of auctions is that you never know how they’re going to pan out. You may have your eye on a piece and get it with no fuss at all, or you might be embroiled in a high-stakes bidding war.

Here at Boningtons, we offer more ways than ever to enjoy the thrill of auctions. If you enjoy visiting them in person, then we run an auction every two weeks that’s open for you to visit. Or, if you can’t get to the auction - or prefer to stay at home - then you’ll benefit from our online antiques auctions.

What is an online antiques auction?

Essentially, these auctions run alongside our regular ones. While everyone else is in the auction room placing bids on items, you’re sat in the comfort of your home doing the same. You get to see everything that’s up for auction through our online catalogues, and you can bid on the exact same products as everyone in the auction house.

How do online auctions work?

With our online auctions, there are two ways you can take advantage of them. Firstly, you can browse our fully illustrated catalogues online. Take a look at everything that’s going on sale and pick out the pieces you love the most. Then, leave commission bids through our website for the auctioneer to execute on your behalf. In essence, they inform the rest of the people at the auction of your bids when they become relevant. You can put down as many bids as you like,or set a bid limit that you don’t want the auctioneer to go over.

bid online auctionThe second option is to sign up for live internet bidding. We do this through, so head on over there to get registered by clicking here. The registration process is simple, and once you have an account, you can join the live auctions as they happen. By doing this, it lets you place bids as though you were in the room. So, you have more control over what happens and when you bid. Of course, the first option is most useful when you physically can’t attend the online antiques auctions. If you’re at work or busy with other commitments, then it’s good to leave commission bids online and hope for the best!

What are the benefits of online auctions?

Online antiques auctions can present you with more benefits than a typical live auction at an auction house. If you’re wondering whether or not this might be the best way to bid on our auctions, then here are a few exclusive benefits you’ll see:

  • Added Convenience: online auctions are far more convenient because you don’t have to be near the auction house. A lot of you may love the look of our auctions, but you just can’t travel to them. So, this gives you a convenient way of bidding on fabulous items without leaving your home.
  • More Comfortable Experience: yes, there’s something to be said about the buzz of a live auction house. However, online antiques auctions are way more comfortable for bidders. You don’t have to stand around for hours on end; you can sit on a comfy chair in your living room with a cup of coffee in your hand, watching the events unfold.
  • More Time To Pick Your Favourite Items: our listings get put online before the auctions begin, which means you have plenty of time to look through what’s up for sale. In fact, you get more time than you would at a real-life auction, which allows you to make better decisions and figure out what’s worth buying, and what isn’t.
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We host new auctions every two weeks

You’ll be pleased to know that Boningtons puts on one auction usually every two weeks. So, you never have to wait long until the next one! We make life easier for you as well, thanks to our Sales Calendar. Here, you can view all of our upcoming auctions for weeks on end. As such, you can plan your schedule around them and ensure that you’re home to enjoy the online live bidding experience!

Enjoy rare and specific online antiques auctions

militaria online auctionsThe majority of our online sales are for antiques and interiors. This allows you to buy some stunning antique pieces that will look brilliant in your home. Or, if you’re more of a collector, then we have many items that are in excellent condition and will feel right at home in your antiques collection.

Along with our regular auctions, we also host a limited number of special online auctions too. These ones are different as we sell specific items that you won’t usually see at our standard auctions. Think of them as themed auctions that cater to people with particular tastes. Here are a few of the specific auctions we host:

  • Fine Art: if you’re an art lover, then this is the auction for you. We have a collection of fine artwork such as different sculptures, embroidered pieces, and so on.
  • Militaria: in these auctions, we sell a range of military-themed items ranging from old medals to field notes - and everything in between.
  • Coins: sometimes, we have some lots that include rare and collectible coins that can be snagged for a bargain. This is definitely one for the coin enthusiasts!
  • Jewellery& Silver: these auctions are excellent if you’re looking for unique jewellery pieces or silver items.

We hold many more specific auctions throughout the year - along with a lot of sales as well. Check out the sales calendar to find out when our next special auction will be!

Online antiques auctions are wonderful opportunities for you to find the items of your dreams. At Boningtons, we have thousands of lots per month that you can enjoy. If you’re interested in getting involved, then check out our online catalogue today. Place your online commission bids through our website,or register for internet bidding to get the live experience.


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