General Auctions

General Auctions in Essex are held regularly throughout the year at many auction houses in this area. Many of these general auctions include house clearances, estate clearances and even liquidated stock from shops or other venues. As you can imagine the items on sale are vast offering a wide selection of goods and should suit the tastes of pretty much everyone.

Catalogues will be published of all the items to be auctioned, and are distributed a few weeks before the auction day,plus they can be viewed on the website easily. These catalogues will give you a glance at what will be auctioned on the day and are ideal to do your own research should you need to about items that you find appealing and plan to bid on.

General AuctionsIf you are looking for a variety of items without having anything specific in mind then general auctions in Essex are ideal to go along too. They are even more appealing to visit especially if you are looking to furnish your home on a budget with interesting pieces that are not available in the high street shops. These pieces may be one off pieces or ones that are not seen in many homes today giving you the chance to decorate your home in style.

Not only is buying at auction easy but it is also fun. Where else do you get to be around others bidding on items that you would love in your home.

Ways to Bid

When you turn up to the auction house you will need to register if you plan on bidding on the day. This is simply a matter of completing a registration form that provides a few contact details then a number will be allocated to you.

If you are not able to turn up on the day of the auction you can do a commission bid. This is generally a free service that can provide a more confidential way to bid on items and allows you to set a reserve of what priced you would pay for the item.

Another way to bid if you cannot turn up or you want more confidentiality is to bid by telephone. This is held live with you on one end of the phone and you can again set a reserve as necessary. You may find this service is not always available at general auctions due to the numbers that can attend.

Payment Methods

Many items can be paid for in cash, however most auction houses will have a limit to the amount of cash that can be received for items. Other methods include, bank debit cards, credit card (these may incur a transaction fee and have a limit), bank cheques or direct bank transfers.

Once you have paid for your goods they will then be released to you so you can then take them home to enjoy, giving you many memories on not only the item but how you purchased them. What better way to buy new but old items for your home.


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