Essex Auction Houses

Essex auction houses are a fantastic way to buy vintage interior products. When you are looking for a more personal touch to your home or business why not go along to one of the Essex auction houses to find out what sort of products you can find at sometimes quite reasonable prices.

Auctioneers gavelThe joy of buying at an Essex auction house and purchasing a one off item is so much more rewarding than buying a piece that you know thousands more are in circulation and it is something you could find in any of your friends homes. Whereas when buying an antique or vintage interior piece the chances of finding the same thing in someone else’s home today is very slim and they can be much more interesting.

Auction Houses have been around for many hundreds of years with London being known as the major centre of the international art trade.

Selling at Auction Houses

Selling your antiques at an Essex auction house like Boningtons the Essex Auctioneers can be extremely fun and a lucrative way to clear our items from your home and make extra money.

Many people are handed down items from parents or grandparents that really do not suit your home or you style so what better way to get cleared of these items than to sell them at an Essex auction house.


Before you sell your item/s you want to find out its value. You can do your own research over the internet or through books but to get a clear idea of what it potentially could be worth today you would need to get it valued. A reputable auction house will have a valuation service with experienced valuers available to evaluate your items. Most Essex auction houses will offer a free valuation service that is obligation free. If you cannot take the items to sell to the auction house you can take a photograph with you, otherwise most auction houses offer a service where the valuer can come to your home if you have large or multiple items to sell.

Selling your item

Once you are satisfied with the price you could achieve on the item you wish to sell the next step is to set a reserve price if you do not want to sell below a certain value. Once all has been agreed upon the Essex auction house will advertise your item for sale so they get the best possible turn out and you get the best possible price.

Once your item has hopefully sold for the price or a better price than you expected the auction house will then send out a cheque direct to you.

No Sale No Fee

If you items do not sell you will not be charged by any reputable auction house. Most run on a no sale no fee policy so it is in their best interest to sell the item for you.

Now you know all about selling your antique and vintage interior items why not get hunting to see what treasures you have to sell!


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