Collecting Antique Toys

Collecting antique toys is one of the most fun and rewarding hobbies and investments. Almost everyone had a favourite toy that they loved and still recall to this day. Whether that toy was a board game, a doll, a teddy bear or that pedal tractor you used to plough the back forty, this toy somehow made childhood a little more special. Then you grew up leaving that special toy behind, but it was never truly forgotten and every once in a while you find yourself longing for a glimpse of it once again.

Starting To Collect Antique Toys

Types Of Antique Toys

  • Almost everyone knows someone who collects Barbie dolls or old train sets, but there are other people who collect antique toys such as paper dolls from past eras, rocking horses, marbles and wooden and tin toys.
  • Antique game collectors will proudly show you that special game that is in mint condition.
  • Other collectors will show you that beautiful china doll that was made in the 1800s.
  • Toy vehicle collectors often collect vehicles from a certain decade or simply choose a specific vehicle such as race cars or fire engines to collect

Collecting Antique Toys - Hobby Or Investment?

Most collectors of antique toys stick to one type of toy, building their collections gradually over time. Some are serious collectors who look for toys in mint condition viewing their collections purely as an investment. Others simply collect as a hobby, choosing those toys that hold a special appeal to them personally. These collectors are less concerned with the monetary worth of their collection than they are with the memories and feelings these toys evoke.

One thing is certain, no matter what type of toy collector you are, you will enjoy searching for and finding each new item for your collection, spending many enjoyable hours at boot sales, estate sales, antique auctions and online looking for that next "find" to add to your collection. As a collector you will discover the thrill of finding that one special toy still in mint condition. Collecting antique toys will also bring you into contact with new friends who share your interest.

Best of all it's great to know that that special toy that was so much a part of your childhood can be and is a part of your adult life as well. This is the joy of collecting antique toys.

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