Clarice Cliff Pottery at its Finest

Being an art and pottery enthusiast; you may have encountered some fine pieces of Clarice Cliff work. Once regarded as a working-class level pottery, cheap as it is practical, Clarice Cliff pottery is now worth way more than its original value. Their distinctly bold and eccentric geometric designs made them one of the most admired and sought after collector's items all over the world.

Clarice Cliff - The Sunshine Girl

From her daring days, Clarice was one of the first ones to introduce using bright colors on certain pieces of whitewares. With that, she was dubbed as the ‘Sunshine Girl'. The word Bizarre was even attached to her work. However, over the years, all her hard work practical demonstrations of pottery art presented some fine additions to your growing collection.

  • At the age of 13, Clarice Cliff has started working as a gilder
  • Clarice needed to work to help her parents sustain their family's needs
  • As a gilder, she was assigned to add gold lines on the wares of traditional designs
  • After mastering this skill, Clarice Cliff moved into becoming a freehand painter at another potbank

At the same time, she sent herself to the Burslem School of art to study art and sculpture. She attended school in the evenings after work. There, she acquired skills in modeling figurines and vases, gilding, keeping patterns and hand painting. Colley Shorter, who opened more doors for her to develop her pottery skills, later on noticed her talent and skill.

Clarice Cliff - The Apprentice

Clarice Cliff PotteryAs Colley made Clarice an apprentice in his company, he decided to send her to formal training in London and Paris. This explains Mr. Colley's significant role in nurturing the talent of Clarice Cliff. With the growing popularity for Clarice's work, she later on made her own ‘backstamp' and so as they say, the rest is history.

Clarice Cliff pottery has produced a wide range of daringly designed pieces, all of which carry her trademark bright colors and ‘bizarre' patterns. It was only until in the spring of 1928 that her first range of designs were introduced and released for market. This collection was dubbed, the Bizarre Ware. The Bizarre name was used to attract attention, while is also bears a sort of an intriguing description of the collection. Her very first collection has given whitewares its new and dynamic appeal to life.

Clarice Cliff - Today

Today, the designs of Clarice Cliff pottery has earned a universal appeal. It has been carried by the world's renowned retailers, which include Harrods, Liberty, Lawleys and Barkers. Her following collections; the Applique range and Inspiration range, both commanded the highest prices at Harrods. Hence, although Clarice Cliff pieces were once seen to depict working-class and cheap pottery, it has acquired a more discriminating and affluent market that made a valuable addition to any collection.

In forever introducing the innovation in bold geometric pottery designs, she has redefined the conventions on the pattern books of pottery. Through her professional life, she has created over three hundred patterns, which are also developed by her workforce. The owners of Clarice Cliff range from celebrities, royalties and a number of other art collectors. But for such a novelty piece, there is a Clarice Cliff items that can suit all pockets. Visit its host auction houses to check out excellent Clarice Cliff deals.

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