Starting an Antique Weapons Collection

Axe Antique Weapon

Whether you’re completely new to buying military antiques or you’re looking to shift your focus from uniforms, medals or other antiques to weapons, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the process of starting a brand new antique weapon collection. At Boningtons, we have weapon auctions and lots of people in attendance are starting out, so you should attend if you’re looking to do the same. Here are some tips that’ll help you with the process of starting an antique weapons collection.

Know What it is You Want to Collect

The world of antique weapons is vast and can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re just starting out collecting weapons, it’s best to know what you want to collect. That means choosing a particular speciality. For example, you might want to focus on collecting a certain type of weapon or weapons relating to a particular era in history or even a particular war. That way, you can narrow your interest early on.

Start Small and Build Gradually

There’s no need to rush as you start collecting antique weapons. Part of the fun of building this kind of collection is doing so gradually and organically. You should take some time to learn about the subject and find out what you’re doing. That way, you will end up making more informed decisions and you won’t rush into the kind of purchases that you might regret later.

Attend Gun and Weapons Shows, as Well as Club Meetings

Gun and weapons shows are very useful when you’re looking to learn more about collecting weapons. You’ll find lots of like-minded people at these gatherings, and you will get a chance to see other people’s possessions and collections up close. You can then ask questions and build your knowledge. Gun club meetings can also be useful as you begin collecting. See if you can find any of these in your local area.

Talk to Other Collectors and Learn From Them

Talking to collectors is something you should do whenever you get the chance to. As a rookie, you’ll make missteps and find yourself not knowing certain things relating to the antique weapon collecting process. By talking to people who know more than you and who know what they’re doing, you’ll learn from them and eventually, you’ll know as much as them.

Embrace Mistakes and Enjoy the Process of Learning

You’re going to make mistakes and maybe buy things you wish you hadn’t. But that’s all part of the process. That’s what starting a collection and learning is about. You don’t need to beat yourself up about it; instead, embrace your mistakes and enjoy the process of learning more about antique weapons and collecting them over time. It’s meant to be enjoyable after all.

Starting an antique weapon collection should always be an enjoyable and enlightening process. Once you delve in and start learning, you’ll realise that fact. Don’t hesitate to attend the auctions we hold here at Boningtons because we often auction a wide variety of fascinating antique weapons.