Sports Memorabilia at Auction

sports collectables

Sports memorabilia is a large market place with a wide range of sports and items to collect, everything from footballs through to snooker cues and signed t-shirts. With an interest in sports and it’s a great way to start collecting as there are many affordable items to be found at auction.

With almost every sport you can imagine out there, the memorabilia market is simply huge with the more expensive items often being either linked to the start of a sport or a famous player, team or competition. That said its accessible to all with more affordable items readily available too. So whatever your budget it can be an interesting and exciting area to get involved in.

How to start collecting sports memorabilia

Most people will start by focussing on one area, this will often be a particular sport or team or it could be a particular type of item. Youngsters will often start with sticker books or cards that they can swap with friends.

It’s important to choose something you enjoy though or else you may find your interest doesn’t last long and whilst you will often be collecting items that are from your favourite sports, there are some that seek out investment pieces that they believe will rise in value.

As with any type of collecting it’s important to set your budget and do your research. If it’s to be a hobby or a little bit of fun then this is less important, but if you are purchasing items with a view to them holding or even increasing their value then research is vital.

One way to get a better understanding of the potential value of an item is to look as prior auctions to see what similar lots have been sold for. Many auction houses will keep archived sales that you can easily view online.

Sporting collectables at auction

It is common to see sports memorabilia make an appearance at auction and you will often find whole sales dedicated just to that. The items that tend to raise the highest bids will often be unique in some way, high profile pieces will often attract press attention and can be sold at auction for incredibly high prices.

With more auctions taking place online, the opportunity to purchase has increased considerably with buyers from all corners of the globe bidding on the same lots. This has also helped to open up the marketplace to a broader range of collectors who may not have previously had the opportunity to collect such a diverse range.

If you decide to buy at auction, then decide beforehand how much you are willing ot bid for a lot and don’t go over it, it’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of live bidding and end up paying over the odds for something. Maybe bring a friend along to your first one to make sure you stick to your budget.

Most importantly though, have fun! This is a large and interesting market with a wide range of pieces available so enjoy finding out about sporting memorabilia, it’s history and the types of items that you might like to own.

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