Starting an Antique Weapons Collection

Axe Antique Weapon

Whether you’re completely new to buying military antiques or you’re looking to shift your focus from uniforms, medals or other antiques to weapons, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the process of starting a brand new antique weapon collection. At Boningtons, we have weapon auctions and lots of people in attendance are starting out, so you should attend if you’re looking to do the same. Here are some tips that’ll help you with the process of starting an antique weapons collection. Read More Starting an Antique Weapons Collection

What are Faberge Eggs and why are they Popular

Faberge Eggs

You may have heard the word “Faberge” before, but did you know that the name belonged to one of the most famous Russian jewellers that ever lived? Peter Carl Faberge is the sole supervisor that oversaw the design and manufacturing of the Faberge eggs, a collection of “Imperial” easter eggs that were built with gemstones and precious metals. They were given as Easter gifts to Russian royalty when celebrating important events, and only 43 of the 50 are confirmed to have survived. Read More What are Faberge Eggs and why are they Popular