How would I sell a valuable item at a public auction?

image of auction hammer

Selling at auction is exciting! It’s a very delicate balancing act between the risks and the rewards, but it’s exciting to see your items up for sale and know that people at public auction will be interested in them. It’s essential, though, that before your things go up for sale, that you find the right auction house to get your valuation and ensure that your item is priced correctly. Understanding the process of selling your valuables at auction is essential, and it’s also important to know that it’s incredibly easy to sell your things at public auction, too. So, let us answer some of your biggest questions about selling at public auction.

Public Auction – Your Questions Answered

How Much Are My Items Worth?
You can get so much information from the internet, but a valuation at a full-service auction house is the best way to go when it comes to figuring out the worth of your items. At Boningtons, we can value your item and offer specialist knowledge – for which there is no substitute. Bring your items into our auction house, and we can provide you with the advice you need to make the right choice.

My Item Is In Poor Condition – Now What?
Generally, if an item of yours has rarity value, it doesn’t matter too much its condition. Most objects that have aged over time are expected to have some wear and tear on them. Dealers actually prefer this, as it shows that the item is in its original condition. Our specialists can help you here!

How Do I Make Sure I Get The Most For My Item?
Where possible, you should ensure that you match your item to the most appropriate auction. It could well fit the specialist sale of a similar item at auction, and we can help you with a valuation for your item.

Do I Have To Sell My Item At Any Price?
Of course not! You can put a reserve for your item at auction, which means that it won’t be sold below that amount. You should start low, of course, so avoiding high reserves is a smart tactic.

Is It All About Luck?
You can never predict an auction or how it will go. That’s part of the reason that people choose auction houses over eBay. So, if your item is a coveted and rare one, you can expect that the price will shoot up.

Selling Is Easy With Boningtons

At Boningtons, we can help with every aspect of the selling process. We have four very distinct stages that will help you to get your item from valuation to sale, and these include:

  • Free Valuation. Bring your things in, and we’ll value it for you and let you know what we believe the right price would be.
  • Confirm Reserves. Once you’re happy with the prices on your items, set your reserve prices so that your items go for what you want!
  • Marketing. At Boningtons, we will then market your pieces to our client base and offer them to a suitable auction. We’ll do that with live internet bidding for the best possible price.
  • Receive Your Cheque. Lastly, you can then receive your cheque! We won’t charge you for things that haven’t sold.

It’s easy to sell with Boningtons, why don’t you call us today and see how we can help you?