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How would I sell a valuable item at a public auction?

image of auction hammer

Selling at auction is exciting! It’s a very delicate balancing act between the risks and the rewards, but it’s exciting to see your items up for sale and know that people at public auction will be interested in them. It’s essential, though, that before your things go up for sale, that you find the right auction house to get your valuation and ensure that your item is priced correctly. Understanding the process of selling your valuables at auction is essential, and it’s also important to know that it’s incredibly easy to sell your things at public auction, too. So, let us answer some of your biggest questions about selling at public auction. Read More How would I sell a valuable item at a public auction?

Creating your Collection of Watches

Collecting watches

People start collecting watches for various reasons. Some are interested in watches as a fashion item, wanting a collection that includes a watch for every occasion and outfit. Others are more interested in collectible watches as a financial investment, hoping that the items in their collection will increase in value over time. Others still find the history behind a watch the most fascinating thing – whether it is an antique, a vintage item or perhaps just associated with a famous person. Read More Creating your Collection of Watches

Focus on some Great British Artists

British National Gallery

British art dates as far back as the country itself and a quick look at Wikipedia’s list of British artists will give you some idea of how many great artists it has given rise to. The earliest surviving British art is Stonehenge, and modern artists in Britain continue to make history. Some of the best known artists from a variety of eras are discussed below, but bear in mind this is only a tiny sampling of what this country has given us in the way of great artists. Read More Focus on some Great British Artists

Collecting Historical Coins

identifying historical coins

Coin collecting has been a popular hobby for many years, with collections often being passed on from one generation to the next. Most collectors tend to specialise in some way, focusing on theme (e.g. coins with a royal connection), a particular precious metal, specific currencies or countries or even coin type (such as collecting pennies with different year dates). Read More Collecting Historical Coins