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What are Faberge Eggs and why are they Popular

Faberge Eggs You may have heard the word “Faberge” before, but did you know that the name belonged to one of the most famous Russian jewellers that ever lived? Peter Carl Faberge is the sole supervisor that oversaw the design and manufacturing of the Faberge eggs, a collection of “Imperial” easter eggs that were built with gemstones and precious metals. They were given as Easter gifts to Russian royalty when celebrating important events, and only 43 of the 50 are confirmed to have survived. Read More What are Faberge Eggs and why are they Popular

Modern Coin Collecting

coin collectingThere are some modern coins which, just like antique coins, are very rare and so can be surprisingly valuable. Some are rare because they were mistakes that somehow found themselves in circulation (known as mint error coins), whilst others were issued as limited editions (the number of coins released is called its mintage). If you’re very lucky you may just come across one of them in the change in your pocket or purse, so keep an eye out. Here are a few of the ones to look out for. Read More Modern Coin Collecting

Interesting facts about antique coins

Coins for auctionIf you are interested in collecting antique coins, then you may want to know more about them, including some of the more unusual facts about ancient coins and their current value. There is lots of interesting information about some of these coins, including the reason that they were made, their past value, and their modern value. Some of these facts might be relevant to coin collecting, while others are just interesting tit-bits of information about ancient coins. Read More Interesting facts about antique coins