Auction Your Fine Art to Get the Best Price

Fine Art for Auction

As an artist, you know the intrinsic worth of your paintings. It is essential that the people around you realize how powerful fine art is. Artists can sometimes feel neglected and they rarely get the right amount for their paintings if sold at art galleries or the likes.

Art can include use of ink, pens, graphite-pencils, inked brushes, crayons, pastels, chalks, charcoals, stylus, and markers. The art can be divided into several categories, but the essence remains the same. Artists are extremely talented and deserve to be celebrated for their creations.

The traditional approach for most artists is to sell their work at commercial galleries. In this case, the gallery owner takes a huge royalty, usually over 50%. Exhibitions in non-profit and co-op galleries are also quite common.

Fine art is also sold in out of studio arrangements and via online sources. Artists can earn both private and public commissions for their work, and they may choose to earn by teaching others.

While all of these are full-proof money making techniques for anyone who has a collection of fine arts, there is another method: Auctioning the fine arts.

In fact, auctioning is the most profitable way of making money. When you auction your paintings, you do not have to worry about giving high commissions from your income to anyone. Neither are there any other hidden costs.

You can hire an auctioning company and simply wait for art lovers to bid for your masterpieces.

Your visually appealing fine arts reflect personalities and share stories. The drawings are artistic and deserve to be valued. When you put them up for auction, you can set a minimum bid.

Bidders will start bidding from that amount and then compete with each other for the piece. The scenery of multiple bidders fighting over your fine art will definitely be satisfying. What’s more fulfilling is that auctioning will guarantee you that your painting will get a higher price than selling via any other method would accumulate.

You will also get the best price on the day for your fine art if you ask an auctioning company to help you. The firm will take care of all the paper work and organize all the processes. You can relax while your paintings are put on auction.

Most auction companies handle the entire process and charge only around 5% to 15% commission of the product sold in return.

In order to ensure sale of your drawings, you must keep a few things in mind. To intrigue the audience, always carefully select the focus of your painting.

It is recommended to think of a theme before starting to work on any project. Always allow your creative side to work freely.

If you have been in this profession for a few years, you have probably tried out all the conventional methods. You have sold your paintings personally and also attended exhibitions in galleries. It is time to take the game one step further and auction your fine art, because that is how you will get the best price.