Famous British Clockmakers

Big Ben LondonAlthough most people consider Switzerland to be home to the best watchmakers, in the past England was considered the top watchmaking country. From the early 1500s to the late 1700s British watch and clock making played a big part in the Scientific Revolution, providing significant advances in technology particularly in the field of navigation. And clocks crafted by the best known English clockmakers during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are considered unequalled. Read More Famous British Clockmakers

Creating your Collection of Watches

Collecting watchesPeople start collecting watches for various reasons. Some are interested in watches as a fashion item, wanting a collection that includes a watch for every occasion and outfit. Others are more interested in collectible watches as a financial investment, hoping that the items in their collection will increase in value over time. Others still find the history behind a watch the most fascinating thing – whether it is an antique, a vintage item or perhaps just associated with a famous person. Read More Creating your Collection of Watches