How would I sell a valuable item at a public auction?

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Selling at auction is exciting! It’s a very delicate balancing act between the risks and the rewards, but it’s exciting to see your items up for sale and know that people at public auction will be interested in them. It’s essential, though, that before your things go up for sale, that you find the right auction house to get your valuation and ensure that your item is priced correctly. Understanding the process of selling your valuables at auction is essential, and it’s also important to know that it’s incredibly easy to sell your things at public auction, too. So, let us answer some of your biggest questions about selling at public auction. Read More How would I sell a valuable item at a public auction?

A step by step guide to insurance valuations

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The purpose of an insurance valuation is to find out the value of your antiques and fine art so that you get the right amount of cover in the event of loss, damage or theft. Valuations are a critical part of the insurance process and what insurers use to determine how you need to pay for cover. The larger the estimate, the higher the premium (all other things held equal). Read More A step by step guide to insurance valuations

Starting an Antique Weapons Collection

Axe Antique Weapon

Whether you’re completely new to buying military antiques or you’re looking to shift your focus from uniforms, medals or other antiques to weapons, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the process of starting a brand new antique weapon collection. At Boningtons, we have weapon auctions and lots of people in attendance are starting out, so you should attend if you’re looking to do the same. Here are some tips that’ll help you with the process of starting an antique weapons collection. Read More Starting an Antique Weapons Collection