Attending a Vintage Clothing Auction

Vintage clothing can be a really valuable addition to your collection. If you are planning to buy some fine vintage fashion, why not consider attending one of our mid range antique collectable sales?

You can gain many benefits when you choose to buy collectables from a mid range vintage clothing auction:

  • High quality textiles
  • Large selection of clothes
  • Low prices

Though many people think that the clothing found in antique sales is not of great quality, the truth is that you can find items of great value and quality in vintage clothing auctions. The large collection of textiles and embroideries offers a good chance of finding an item that you want to add to your collection. Normally mid-range collectables sales start at significantly lower prices and the price goes up when the demand increases. There is a good chance that you will be able to find a few pieces of fine 19th century clothing at a bargain price.

How to determine the worth of your vintage clothing

The following facts will help you evaluate the value of your vintage collectable:

  • Manufacturer’s design mark
  • How common the item is
  • How genuine the antique vintage clothing is that you are interested in at the auction

An item with manufacturer’s design mark can increase the sales value tremendously as does rarity. If you have a piece of rare vintage clothing the value will almost certainly be high.

When you go to a second hand store to purchase vintage clothing, you might not get authentic items. However at vintage clothing auctions you are much more likely to get genuine items which have higher resale values.

If you are looking for a vintage clothing auction to attend that features genuine mid–range antiques, please come to one of our fortnightly vintage sales.


When: 10:30 AM

03/23/2016 11:00 AM // 5:30 PM Europe/London
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Saturday 08 Feb 2015 - Sale commences 10:30 AM