Antique Vase Collecting

Antique vase collecting can be satisfying on a number of personal levels. Many people collect them simply because they are beautiful, and do not worry too much about whether they could be profitable from an investment standpoint. This may be the best reason of all to buy antique vases and other antique glassware: to enjoy it for its intrinsic beauty.

Others may collect antique vases because of an interest in a particular period of history, or for the fact that they are rare, providing a beautiful but fragile link with a specific time or place.

Antique vase value: age

  • The appraised value of an antique vase depends on several factors, and age is not necessarily the dominant one.
  • One example of relatively newer glassware being potentially more valuable than older glassware is Depression-era glassware.
  • This type of glassware is valuable because it is fragile, and it isn't always easy to find pieces that have remained intact.
  • Conversely, there is older glassware that is sturdier and easier to find, and it is therefore less expensive than Depression-era antique vases.

Age usually combines with other factors to influence the monetary value of an antique vase. One-of-a-kind, handmade vases that are old will generally be worth more than comparable-quality vases that are mass-produced and newer.

Antique vase value: purpose and quantity

antique vaseThe purpose that an antique vase performed in its historical time period is one factor influencing its value. Was it used to hold flowers, or did it have a more unusual purpose (such as holding cremated ashes or functioning as a spittoon)? Was the vase mass produced by a manufacturer that is still producing glassware today? Or is it a product of a single artisan or of a manufacturer that is no longer in existence? Typically, the more limited the quantities that were produced, the more valuable an antique vase will be, though this is not an iron-clad rule.

Antique vase value: condition

An antique vase that is whole and unbroken will be worth more than a piece with a crack, or a piece that has been broken and put back together. Many valuable pieces of antique glassware or antique vases will have a mark on them indicating the manufacturer. Some will have a year marked, or some other indicator that makes them easy to verify in terms of manufacturer and date of production.

If you are considering buying a piece of antique glassware, particularly if you are partly or wholly buying it as an investment that you hope will increase in monetary value, then you should have the piece of glassware appraised. Find out if there is any kind of market for it if you think you may want to sell it later. Use an independent appraiser who has experience and / or certification in appraising antique vases.

Antique vases can be a wonderful type of antique to collect. Examples are available that are very beautiful and affordable to those who are interested in mid-priced antiques. Furthermore they are far easier to transport and display than enormous pieces of antique furniture. While most people who buy antique vases are interested in their investment value, they also have a real appreciation for the great intrinsic, aesthetic value that many an antique vase possesses.

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