Antique Bears

When the term antique bears is mentioned most people think of those cute stuffed animals that have been so popular with children for over two centuries. However, while many antique bear collectors do focus on collecting stuffed bears, they aren't the only option for those wishing to collect antique bears.

Wooden Antique Bears

Black forest wooden bears carved in the 19th century often sell for high prices. Black forest bears were often carved with fine detail and look very realistic. Many of these antique bears have held up especially well over the years making them highly prized by collectors. Many of the antique wooden bears are part of stands, cigar boxes and even coat racks, making the types of collectables wide ranging and truly unique. However, for the collector who loves carved wooden figurines these antique bears are a great addition to any collection.

Ceramic Antique Bears

Ceramic antique bears are another highly collectable type of bear. Many of these antiques are from the 1800s and the details vary depending on who made them. Because ceramic is easily chipped, finding an antique bear in mint condition is often difficult and makes owning one exciting even in a collector's life. Collectors of ceramic bears often keep these treasures in a glass cabinet where they can be viewed but not touched. One can find antique ceramic bears in a variety of sizes and as knick knacks or even cookie jars. Some may be glazed and all one colour and others are stained and have extremely great detail. Though ceramic bears often sell for less than either stuffed or wooden antique bears they are still highly sought after and the price, like with all antiques, depends on the age and the condition of the item.

Other Types Of Antique Bears

  • There are also antique bears made from pottery and other mediums as well.
  • When starting an antique bear collection most people choose one kind of material such as stuffed, wind up or wooden bears and build their bear collection around that type of material.
  • Other collectors not only choose to stick with one material but, sometimes, one type of bear. For instance some stuffed bear collectors only collect stuffed bears while wooden bear collectors often only collect black forest bears.

Whatever the choice, collecting antique bears can be an interesting hobby and half the fun is in searching for items to add to your collection.

When looking for antique bears there are many different places you can search. In addition to antique shops and auctions, you can find them on eBay, in charity shops and at estate sales. Sometimes great antiques are found at extremely low prices at car boot sales as people have a clear out and really don't know the worth of that teddy bear, old wooden statue or ceramic knick knack they are selling.

In most cases a date stamped or carved into the Knick Knack can give you an idea as to whether or not this item is worth adding to your collection, or clues such as the trademark button in ear of Steiff bears. However, while value is part of the world of collecting antique bears it's always a good idea to choose items you personally like too.

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