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Textiles from a variety of periods are sold regularly in our fortnightly auctions, as well as premium examples in our Fine Art sales.  

To consign or be advised on any type of Textile, please contact the saleroom where a specialist will be on hand.  Alternatively, you are welcome to e-mail us with your enquiry. 

If you are looking to purchase a particular period or design, please provide us with your details on our enquiry form and we will notify you via e-mail when such examples become available in our forthcoming sales.

Jacket with Apple label, textile antiques
Jacket with Apple label signed by ‘The Fool’ given by the Beatles sold June’06 £570

Japanese Silk Kimono, japanese textiles
Early 20th century Japanese Silk Kimono

Victorian Children’s costumes, antique clothing
Victorian Children’s costumes

needlework sampler, antique clothing
18th century needlework sampler sold June’06 £200

Elton John Jacket, antique textiles uk
Elton John Jacket

Royal Marine light infantry Tunic, antique dresses
C1882 Royal Marine light infantry Tunic

Victorian Glazed and Framed sampler, vintage dresses uk
Victorian Glazed and Framed sampler sold June ’07 £650

retro clothes, antique dress

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