Old Toys and Haberdashery - July 13th Fortnightly Vintage Sale

We had a call about 4 weeks ago to visit a client in Upton Lane, East Ham, where a lady had been left the contents of an old toy and haberdashery shop.

The call was passed on to our auctioneer Guy Wisbey who, after speaking to the lady, was quietly confident of an interesting visit.

However upon entering the premises it became quickly apparent to our auctioneer that time had stood still since the 1960s. After fighting through the rubble where the ceiling had caved in, he discovered early 20th century haberdashery cabinets amongst spiders and rat droppings.

To his amazement there were boxes of original tinplate toys, lead soldiers and Japanese robots which had never seen the light of day.

With some quick thinking a plan was devised with the client to remove the complete contents. A week later a 7.5 ton lorry arrived with Boningtons staff suitably dressed and prepared for a hard day's work amongst the toys and debris. The task was to salvage as much as possible providing it was collectable and saleable.

The furniture was put into our Fortnightly Vintage Sale and was keenly contested in a busy room. The remainder is being held back for our Specialist Toy Sale in November. We are pleased to announce that all items involved came out unscathed and flea-less.

All things being equal we are now preparing for our 3rd August sale which will include a consignment of interesting militaria.